Company Profile

EnginSoft is an international consulting firm operating in the field of Simulation Based Engineering Science (SBES). EnginSoft was founded in 1984 by Stefano Odorizzi, who has been working in SBES since the mid ‘70s.

Today, EnginSoft’s team of highly-qualified engineers possess extensive expertise in leading engineering simulation technologies and operate in close integration with many other partner companies around the globe. Headquartered in Italy, EnginSoft is present in France, Germany, Sweden, the UK and the U.S.A. Additionally, EnginSoft has key partnerships with major international companies located in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Portugal, Brazil, Japan and the U.S.A.

Throughout its long history, EnginSoft has been at the forefront of technological innovation and remains a catalyst for change in the way SBES and CAE technologies are applied in several industrial sectors, including: Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Energy, Oil & Gas, Civil Engineering, Consumer Goods and Biomechanics.


Expertise related to the project

Enginsoft has collaborated into many projects with the role of Life cycle analysis developer.

The scope for Enginsoft is to optimize the industrial foundry processes in order to avoid scraps, to minimize environmental impacts and to reduce industrial costs.

Our Metal Processing Team offers high level of consulting in foundry process design with particular attention to high pressure die casting.

Technical person(s) working on the project

Silvia Di Rosa took her degree in Material Engineering at University of Trento in 1999.She has worked in CRF for 12 years. She was responsible of Low Investment Technologies department of CRF Trento Branch and she was the interface in different activities towards FGA, CNH, IVECO regarding Metal Processes, Composite Processes, Renewable Fuels.

She was also reference Quality of CRF Trento Branch and she was involved in public funding projects, Regional, National and European. She was also involved in the definition of EcoDesign approach for the development of new automotive products, applying Life Cycle Assessment methodology. Now she is in charge in Enginsoft, and she works in Research and Development

Main role within the project

EnginSoft will lead the work package on Life cycle analysis (WP8), and its work will be supported by TWI and AZCATEC.

EnginSoft, with the support of the other partners involved in the WP, will analyse and clearly outline the purpose of the life cycle study, and divide the product system into its component unit processes. A flow chart will be prepared in order to show the activities in the system (e.g., processes, transportation, waste management) and the input and output flows among them throughout the life cycle.

The methodologies and the models to be used for estimating costs and impacts will then be selected, and EnginSoft will provide all the IT infrastructure for data collection, evaluation, elaboration and result comparison so that conclusions can be presented in a way that meets the requirements (defined in the goal and scope). EnginSoft will also prepare a framework to assess the robustness of the results.

Benefits expected from the participation in the project

The main outcomes from the participation of Enginsoft into the Recycal consortium is to create business opportunities, knowledge, expertise, generated IPR and networking.

It is always important for Enginsoft to make an effort in order to obtain more “green” processes and to minimize environmental impacts.