About the Project


The RecycAl project aims to address the problem of build-up of intermetallic forming Fe, Sn and Mn impurities in recycled Al alloys through development and demonstration of a High Shear Processing (HSP) technique which could allow low grade scrap to be converted to high grade alloy material, hence increasing the use of Al scrap in the EU.

The RecycAl technology will be based on a physical melt conditioning process that can be applied to liquid metal. This concept, High Shear Processing (HSP), involves extremely rapid (>10,000 s-1) shearing of the molten metal in novel machine designs based on the concept of a rotor-stator mixer (Fig. 1.2). There are no issues with these rotation speeds in an industrial scale device. The liquid metal has similar viscosity as water and provides very low resistance to the rotor even at high speed.