Company Profile

Established in Portugal since 1995, Quantal focus its core business in Process and production development of complex metal solutions.

With a great concern in anticipating market needs and trends, built over continuous monitoring and investment in specialized competences and edge technologies, the company performs a sustainable growth both nationally (PT) and internationally.

To pursue its mission the company relies on a solid structure of highly skilled human capital, state-of-art technological resources and productive premises that match up his international competitors. A rich network of partners with complementary competences and a control management system which guarantees full compliance of the products are taken by the company as complementary key features to keep its competitiveness.

Expertise related to the project

Quantal has expertise in the production of sheet metal prototypes, as well as external recognition as a serial production manufacturer of automotive parts.

Working with a wide range of metallic materials - from non-ferrous materials to high strength steels - besides the automotive sector Quantal is also involved with the aeronautical industry.

Particularly relevant for its role in the RecycAl project is worth mentioning the following in-house available technologies:

  • Laser cutting and welding  machines with different technologies( CO2, Fiber laser and Discs laser, 2D and 3D);
  • Hydraulic and mechanical presses up to 500 tons;

Other technologies available that might be of the interest of this project partners:

  • CNC milling machines 3 and 5 axis;
  • Electro erosion EDM;
  • CNC bending machines;
  • MIG/MAG, TIG and Spot welding technologies (manual and robotized).
  • CNC Tridimensional measuring machine

Technical person(s) working on the project

Alfredo Barbosa - Engineering Department Director
With a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and more than 10 years of professional experience, Alfredo Barbosa extensive experience in project management in the domains of engineering and ICT’s allied to a deep knowledge about the automotive industry. Further qualifications relate to CAD/CAM modulation, Teach-In, Laser 3D Operations, and Control Gages.

Rui Silva – Project Leader for Automotive
With an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and strong interest for complex engineering development, Rui Silva arrived to Quantal after developing experience as researcher at INEGI – Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management, where he developed work under the subject of high performance transmission gears. Complementary qualification relates to: CAM and milling techniques, material selection and heat treatments for stamping tool.

Main role within the project

Quantal main duties in the project relate to its key role as manufacturer of demonstrators (automotive components) from the new Al-alloys metal sheets to be developed and performance compared with the commonly used Al-alloys.
Specific duties in the project are:

  • Contribute to establishment of target specifications of the Al-alloys to be developed and tested;
  • Support to partner responsible for producing the tooling required for manufacturing the metal-sheet based demonstrators;
  • Manufacture of demonstrators;
  • Liaise with partners about specificities  and recommendations raised from the manufacturing process;

Benefits expected from the participation in the project

  • Improved know-how concerning the process of forming non-ferrous materials, particularly automotive grade alloys;
  • Involvement in cutting-edge R&D and overall knowledge on future research trends and technological developments;
  • Strengthening cooperation with international players - fostering new contacts, networks and increasing Quantal’s international visibility;
  • Nurturing partnerships and promoting a sustainable international competitiveness.