Suldouro is a Portuguese company responsible for the management of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) produced by almost a half a million people distributed by two municipalities south of Porto city. The municipalities are called Vila Nova de Gaia and Santa Maria de Feira.

The full amount of MSW treated in our facilities is close to 200.000 megagrams per year. Actually Suldouro is composed with one landfill, one MTB plant, one Sorting Plant and one CHP plant (biogas valorisation)

Suldouro has 15 years of waste and energy managing experience which underlines our expertise in terms of recovering materials from waste and finding new value in the market for them.


The waste industry in Europe went through major transformations in the last years in terms of new technologies and new developments. Suldouro is always embracing new projects trying to find and develop solutions, using the best available technologies, in order to achieve not only regulation gold but also adding more value to the final product.

Technical person(s) working on the project

Joel Braga (Technical Director) – graduated in Environmental Engineering, has an experience of 12 years in solid waste managing, since managing all of the treatment and valorisation system of another municipality, to MBT in particularly for 5 years in Suldouro. In the present moment, is the Technical Director of Suldouro.

Manuel Silva (Production Director) – graduated in Mechanical Engineering, has been working with Suldouro for the last 14 years as Production Director; his responsibilities covers landfill, sorting plant CHP plant management and most recently the MBT plant. His experience started in other areas such as armament and quality of buses production.

Maria das Dores Mâncio (Financial Director) – graduated in Economy, has been working with Suldouro, in the area of solid waste managing, since 2002, contemplating also experience in European and national funds reporting.

Ana Barbosa (Technical Expertise) – graduated in Environmental Engineering, has an experience of almost 7 years in solid waste managing, particularly in the technical area: mainly monitor emissions and reporting data to the authorities. Also has experience in helping coordinate news projects in the construction phase.

Eliana Félix (Technical Expertise) - graduated in Environmental Engineering, has an experience of almost 9 years in solid waste managing, particularly in the technical area: mainly Quality, Environment and  Safety Certification but also monitor quality of MSW and final products. Also maintains control of quality and environmental targets and indicators to the authorities.

Andreia Costa (Technical Expertise) – already graduated in Environmental Sciences, is currently taking Chemical Engineering and has been working with Suldouro, mainly with waste water treatment, since 2006. Also work in close relation with the technical area on the monitoring of waste water quality.

Main role within the project

Suldouro will provide to the project a separate fraction of Aluminium (Al), result of MSW treated in the MBT plant. The MSW that enters Suldouro has a variable composition, so Suldouro will also provide information about the material fraction they recover, the composition and origin, in order to help the consortium during the optimization of the recycling parameters and, hopefully, in the forming of the alloys needed to the RecycAl project. As a provider of scrap our mainly concern is to responsibly get the scrap in the amount needed, to where and when it´s necessary.

The knowledge from waste life cycle will also be important to the project and us.

Benefits expected from the participation in the project

With this project Suldouro is expecting a direct out coming regarding finding new markets to recyclable products that can be sorted from waste, adding value to it. It’s also relevant the experience of working in a multinational project, creating opportunities for future projects involving the growth of our technical human resource, allowing improvements and development in your processes.