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Company Profile  

From 1984 one dedicates to the aluminum ingot manufacture in different formats and chemical compositions, which grants to an ample experience and knowledge to him of its activity. Since then until the present time a constant growth having in account at any moment the needs of a market in continuous evolution has been realised,investing in new technologies and taking care the natural environment

Idalsa manufactures aluminium  scrap  and dross   and  combines  it  with  other alloy  materials  in order  to  produce  recycled   aluminium according  with  specifications  of   its  customers. 

Expertise related to the project  

The permanent preoccupation of Idalsa to reduce residues, following the best technologies available than allows to continue contributing the sustainable development of the activity of recovery of aluminum, has given to a new step signing an Agreement of Collaboration with the Canadian company KPM (Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc.) whose recent projects on stabilization, recycling and valuation of secondary materials were analyzed in REWAS. 

Technical person(s) working on the project  

Juan Carlos Enguita, Senior Metallurgy Industrial Engineer, with an expertise of over 20 years in this business activity.

Mr Enguita has managed the adequacy of Idalsa´s facilities to the B.A.T. of the secondary aluminium industry 

Main role within the project  

Expertise in Aluminium recycling processes. Providers of the aluminium alloys with the expected compositions. Idalsa will manufacture the different casting alloys from alternative scrap materials and will advise on the characteristics of different aluminium scrap available for recycling.

As end-user of this technology, Idalsa will evaluate the possible advantages of the project versus the actual recycling industrial process and the potential application in a real production plant. 

Benefits expected from the participation in the project  

       To increase range of aluminium alloys to be produced from scrap because the reduction of impurities.

       To offer European aluminium recycling industry a new tool which could support its growth by the reduction of scrap exports.

       To extend environmental benefits from the utilization of secondary aluminium