Company Profile


F.O.M.T.'s ability to produce gravity and high pressure die castings in aluminum alloys consists in suggesting the optimal, specifically-tailored casting technology required to obtain top quality at the best cost.

The company's mission is to provide its customers with a complete, top quality product. Customers have always appreciated F.O.M.T.'s ability to integrate all the different stages, from design to casting, from machining to assembly in order to optimize industrialization times and related costs, and supply products ready to be used.

F.O.M.T. produces engine brackets, pipes, fittings and manifolds by using gravity and high pressure die casting technology, followed by machining and assembly. The parts produced by F.O.M.T. are installed as OEM equipment by leading automotive manufacturers and are also used in railway industry.

Expertise related to the project

TiAlManu: The final objective of this project was the obtaining of a new light metallic material, with high and homogeneous values of mechanical properties, with mechanical resistance and corrosion resistance at high temperatures, which can be used to execution of components for automotive and aeronautical industry
TRISCA: Study of surface treatments to prolong the life of the dies during operation
LIF4MEN:  Combination optimized of the two processes (low pressure GDC and HPDC) to obtain high-quality components with high mechanical characteristics.

Technical person(s) working on the project

Giovanni Tonno, CEO of FOMT since 1999, graduated in Mechanical Engineering, with a thesis on the aluminum smelter, has participated in several international projects: Craft Development of a low cost processing for the manufacturing of high wear resistance castings (MMC) 1998-2000, Liquid Forging for manufacturing and environment (as a squeeze casting process) 2007-2011, and is co-author of the article on the magazine "La Metallurgia Italiana", TiAl alloys processed to improve operating capabilities in automotive and aerospace applications 2010-2012.

Amelia Montedoro graduated in Materials Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin, with a thesis on the problem of degassing in aluminum alloys; is the R&D responsible of FOMT since 2009; she’s a member of AIM, Secretary of the Technical Committee of the Light Metals, has participated in many conferences, from aluminum industry to the world engineering in general, and has presented pleadings in the light alloys and various aspects of metallurgical production. She participated also in three projects in FOMT: "LIF4MEN",“TiAlManu" and “TRISCA”.

Main role within the project


FOMT will use casting alloy (G AlSi9Cu1) with varying content of scrap ingots and primary Al alloy, following the specifications of CRF, to obtain test samples and automotive demonstrators, which will be tested in a further stage; then the results obtained with normal primary alloys in use will be compared with those treated with the HSP process The investigated process must be able to deliver the processed recycled metal in the form of high purity ingots to be used as raw material for making high performance Al alloys

Benefits expected from the participation in the project

As end user of aluminum alloys, a production of castings free from impurities supports

  1. The life of the dies,
  2. The tools for machining of castings

For equal performance between secondary and primary Al alloy we have

  1. Saving costs for purchase of the alloy
  2. Energy saving and therefore less environmental impact
  3. Best availability of the alloy on the market