Company Profile

GIF’s customer base comes from a wide variety of different sectors. One significant mainstay is the manufacture of complex precision tools for cold and hot forging as well as sheet forming.  GIF is particularly specialised in tools for forging complex aluminium components for the automotive and aerospace sectors. In addition to conventional production, GIF provides welding of tools to increase tool life. Independent of that, GIF also manufactures complex components for machine and plant constructions: new spare parts can be manufactured in shortest lead time.

Expertise related to the project

GIF has a wide range of experience on manufacturing of forging dies – in particular dies for aluminum forging parts. GIF is a well-known tool supplier for big and small sized companies of German forging industry – besides also some European companies belong to GIF’s customer circle.

Technical person(s) working on the project

Dr-Ing. Rafael Bieker - CEO and owner of GIF:  over 20 years of experience in tooling industry, involved in several research projects both national and international.

Main role within the project

Production of dies for demonstrator parts and test pieces

Benefits expected from the participation in the project

  • Transfer of project results to GIF customers – especially to German forging industry. GIF is a member of German forging association IMU, Hagen.
  • Improvement of networking and cooperation with other industrial partners and R&D institutes on European scale – in particular aluminum industry.