Company Profile

AZCATEC is an engineering and construction firm dedicated to the design, optimization, construction of industrial, environmental, and energy plants with a very important innovation component and internationally oriented.

The experience of its founding partners (over 25 years of successful professional development) have created and developed a model of customer-oriented firm with clear world class and innovative technology components investments that make the company a good strategic partner for companies that have the need to compete in a technological world.

Expertise related to the project

AZCATEC main value is the expertise in development and demonstration activities, from conceptual design to start-up, especially in environmental and energy projects. Thanks our previous experience we are a key partner in the lasts phases of pilot plant develop and demonstration activities.

Technical person(s) working on the project

Andres Cubero (PMP): Industrial Engineer (mechanical) 12 years Industrial Construction Professor (U. Seville)
Lorenzo de Weert (Structures expert): Industrial Engineer (mechanical) 27 years
Emilio Romero (Waste Tech. expert): Industrial Engineer (mechanical) 12 years Engineering of Design Professor (U. Seville)
Pablo Matute (Major industry plants design expert): Industrial Engineer (mechanical) 18 years Engineering of Design Professor (U. Seville)
Daniel GarcĂ­a (Waste Management expert): Master in Ecology, Biologist & Social Anthropologist. 10 years

Main role within the project

AZCATEC as expert in scaling up of pilot processes and industrialization provide technological and economic aspects of transferring and specially the integration into existing plants. Besides, in collaboration with national and international industrial agents and technological platforms disseminate the results.

Conduct studies into the economic and technical aspects of scaling up the HSP process.

Conduct studies into the economic and technical aspects of integrating HSP into existing and new recycling plants.

Benefits expected from the participation in the project

  • Business opportunity for existing customers
  • Current market positioning in strategic areas: Waste (slag), Iron and Steel industry
  • New business areas
  • Partnership to RTD new projects
  • Partners to participate in major projects