Company Profile

Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF) is an industrial organization having the mission of promoting, developing, and transferring innovation in order to provide competitiveness to its clients and partners, which include the different companies of the FIAT Group, automotive suppliers and national and international research agencies. The core competence of CRF is centre on land transportation and considerable emphasis is placed on the transfer of advanced technologies from automotive applications to other sectors of industries. CRF offers a wide range of technical competencies and is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories for the testing any kind of material commodity useful for the automotive.

Expertise related to the project

Materials and processes characterization, component/part testing and validation, life cycle and cost analysis

Technical person(s) working on the project

Mauro Brignone, PhD, Project manager in CRF with over 10 years of experience in the research of novel lightweight alloys, foams, intermetallics, etc. he is now managing CRF innovation activities and projects in the field of metallurgy.

Daniele Pullini, PhD. , senior researcher in academic and industrial contexts. Today he manages the Strategic Research Program of Group Materials Labs at CRF. 30+ peer reviewed publications on materials science and nanotechnology. 30+ patents valid in Europe, USA, Russia, China and Japan in the context.

Jacopo Tatti, technical expert of cast material and components.

Main role within the project

CRF is mainly acting as end-user; it will identify target alloys and applications and will provide specifications and requirements. CRF will be involved in alloy characterization and testing and will lead demonstrator testing and validation activities.

Benefits expected from the participation in the project

Automobiles are under constant evolution and all their performances are improving except their weight which has always increased. One of the fundamental goals for car manufacturers in the next years will be reduce vehicles weight for example using light alloys such as aluminium, but this must be done at low cost. RecycAl project is aligned with this purpose offering the possibility to employ cheap aluminium scraps to obtain high performances secondary alloys.