Project Objectives

The aim of the RecycAl project is to develop an innovative processing technology that enables low-grade Al scrap with high levels of impurities to be transformed into a new raw material, with low levels of impurities and suitable for use in making advanced Al alloys.

Through the RecycAl project, the development of the novel technology will give rise to increased use of Aluminium scrap in high-grade alloys. As a result, the scrap sourced in EU will remain in the EU as less will be exported. With this phenomenon, some significant EU resources will be conserved and therefore “environmental degradation” effects will also be reduced such as reduced CO₂ emissions. This is because primary aluminium production is energy and carbon intensive. Therefore relying on purified, recycled Aluminium scrap for reuse will definitely save energy and contain CO₂ emissions.

Statistics show that one tonne of recycled aluminium saves:

  • 1370 Kg bauxite residues
  • 9800 Kg CO₂ equivalent emissions
  • 64 Kg SO₂ emissions

RecycAl will be focussing on using impure mixed Aluminium scrap that is not currently recovered from urban solid waste. The High Sheer Processing (HSP) technique will transform that solid waste to a raw material that can be upcycled to manufacture high-grade Aluminium alloys.